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Montessori Weaning: Food and Independence (with video)

When Zach was around 4 months old, we started noticing that he was extremely interested in watching us eat.  He would follow our fork from plate to mouth, opening his mouth in imitation of our actions and salivating madly!  We knew the time had come to begin the weaning process.

The word "weaning" strikes fear in the heart of many parents.  It is associated with the end of breastfeeding and connotes depriving the child of the nourishment and affection he has come to know and love.  However, Monte…

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Making a Difference

ADHD drugs are only band-aids and fail to deal with the underlying issues affecting the child's behavior.  So says this article in Psychology Today.  I tend to agree... It's easier to medicate than to make the lifestyle changes that will make a difference (funny how this applies to so many issues, from obesity to heart disease - not just ADHD!).

What are your thoughts after reading this insightful article?

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