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Gobbi Tutorial, Part II (Hanging the Gobbi)

To see Part I (Making the Gobbi mobile), click here.

My dear friend Junnifa, who's taking the Assistants to Infancy training, was kind enough to give me guidance and sent me the two pictures that show how to hang the Gobbi mobile.  I love her beautiful results!  Thanks Junnifa!!! :)

  • Large piece of paper or whiteboard
  • Pencil or marker
  • Ruler or straight edge
  • Dowel
  • More embroidery thread (optional)

First, draw a straight line on a piece of paper or a whiteboard.  Line u…

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Suggested Color Gradation for the Gobbi

Hi crafty reader!  If you're planning on making a Gobbi mobile, I have some info that might come in handy (don't hate me if you already started, because I just got this from a helpful friend who's taking the A to I course!  You can always make another one; babies LOVE these mobiles!).  Here are the suggested DMC embroidery floss shades for each of the potential Gobbi colors:

Yellow: 745 - 744 - 743 - 972 - 742

Green: 703 - 702 - 701 - 700 - 699

Teal: 3811 - 3766 - 3810 - 3809 - 3808

Blue: 3752 - 827…

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Gobbi Tutorial, Part I

Disclaimer: I am NOT what you would call "incredibly crafty" and I'm also pretty bad at writing tutorials (How I successfully wrote 12 Montessori albums, I'll never know).  I also haven't taken the Assistants to Infancy training, so if there's a different/better way to do this, please leave your comments below for the benefit of all readers.  

A few months ago I wrote about the Gobbi mobile, which is a favorite among babies starting around 8 weeks of age.  Several readers have asked me for a tuto…

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