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Rediscovering Motherhood

An American friend and colleague who lives in Asia recently shared with me that her in-laws had moved out of her house.  They had been very involved in raising her children, so I asked if she missed having the help.  She texted back, "No.  I'm forced to be the mom and it's what my kids want and what family is supposed to be."

As I sat staring at her words on my screen, the last seven years of my life - my entire parenthood journey - flashed before my eyes.  I remembered how both times I had a bab…

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Independent Children = Happy Children

Take a look at this beautiful and sensible kitchen arrangement from An Everyday Story, which encourages independence and satisfies the needs of two different-aged children.  My favorite part is how she uses cupboards as shelves.  Using the space you have instead of feeling like you have to set up additional shelves is INSPIRED!!


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