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Is Plastic Really Fantastic?

containersIs your child careless with his toys? Do you wish he would show more respect for his eating and drinking utensils? Are you as tired of saying, “Be gentle!” as he is of hearing it? Then maybe it’s time to introduce some fragile objects into his life!

Young children are surrounded by plastic because it’s convenient, sturdy, and affordable. But for all its benefits, plastic has a huge negative impact on your child’s development.

Find out why plastic isn't fantastic, and what IS, by clicking here!

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Hands Behind Your Back

From the time we were pre-schoolers, my brother and I constantly visited world-class museums and galleries with my parents. There was one rule that we were expected to adhere to without fail: hands behind your back. For us, "hands behind your back" meant: "We trust you and believe that you deserve to be in this beautiful and inspiring place. Show us that you can be trusted." Even now, whenever I enter a museum or a store that sells fragile things, my hands swing instinctively behind my back.


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