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A (very brief) Introduction to Montessori Math

This short video was adapted from one of my AMI training lectures, which means that you're getting all of the wonderful Montessori goodness almost straight from the source.  At the same time, it's a lot of information to digest! 

Remember that you're not expected to understand and absorb everything right away.  We'll be taking a spiral approach to exploring math, which means that we'll be re-visiting some of the same concepts in different contexts to help you gain a good understanding, so that you can give your child an authentic Montessori experience at home.

For now, I invite you to approach this video with an open mind, putting aside what you thought you knew about math, so you can begin to see mathematics with new eyes.  I encourage you to take notes and think about how you can slightly shift your approach to math work with your child based on this new knowledge.  Enjoy!