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THE THIRD GREAT STORY: The Story of the Coming of Human Beings

This story is wonderful because it doesn't require any props, demonstrations or materials.  It's a lighthearted story that relates to fundamental human needs and opens the doors to the story of History from a Montessori perspective. 

It might sound to you like the Story of the Coming of Human Beings sets up humans to be more important than other animals, but Dr. Montessori never had that intention. She wanted the children to realize that we have tremendous responsibility as stewards of the planet because we have special gifts.  As we guide the exploration of Fundamental Human Needs, Interdependence, and other lessons that springboard from this Great Story, we help the children realize their enormous potential as change-makers. 

The main points to keep in mind are:

  • Review the Story of Life (connect to a bigger whole)
  • Explain the gift of our "special mind" and give examples
  • Explain the gift of our "special heart" and give examples
  • Discuss how animals and humans meet their needs differently
  • Emphasize that humans have choices
  • Point out that we need to work to have these choices
  • Connect the idea of needing to work with the gift of having "special hands"
  • Give examples of what we can do with our hands
  • Conclusion: The stories we tell of human beings in the coming months will all be stories about a special mind, a special heart, and special hands