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Self-Care and Final Thoughts

You did it!  You made it to the end of the Homeschool Pod Incubator program!  You've learned so much, pushed yourself outside your comfort zone, and maybe even started your very own group program.  Way to go!

In this video, we'll talk about how to take care of yourself so that you avoid getting burned out.

Remember to download the workbook, which contains ideas for practicing emotional hygiene.

Here are a couple of resources that have worked for me, but you're welcome to explore what helps YOU stay centered and grounded.  Remember that you are the most important element in this whole production, so treat yourself well.

How to meditate: this is just one approach of many, but I shared it here because it's the one I refer to in the video.

Journaling: the book "Writing Down Your Soul" helped me to journal in a very grounding way.

The Work: the process of "Inquiry" developed by Byron Katie has helped me move through many struggles in my homeschooling journey.

Take care and stay in touch via email and social media. 

You can find me on Instagram @mainly.montessori.homeschool

Thank you and best wishes!!