Meet the Speakers

We'll help you take your marriage and homeschool to new heights!

Beth Rowles

Conscious parenting and marriage coach

Meghan Rinehart

Homeschooling mom, guide, and military wife

Pilar Bewley

Homeschool coach, mom, and wife

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to watch with my partner?

No. The tools you'll learn will help you change your relationship dynamic whether or not your partner is on board.

Do I get lifetime access to this course?

Yes! You will receive an email with the link to the recorded class (along with some extra bonus goodies).  Bookmark the link and you'll be able to access the course at any time.

Will this class convince my partner to homeschool?

This class will give YOU the communication and self-awareness tools so that you can share your views, hold clear boundaries, and find common ground with your partner (believe it or not!).

Will this class help me if I co-parent but I'm not married?

Yes!  This class is for parents who are partners in their child's education and upbringing.  You will gain valuable insights and tools that will improve your co-parenting relationship.

  • Mainly Montessori

    “Beth offered a unique perspective on the common challenges and hurdles we face in any relationship. She allowed me to take a deeper look at the surface level issues and actually address what was truly going on behind them! My husband and I often had the same end goals but would go about them in different ways which would cause friction, just realizing this as well as having better tools to communicate has helped us get on the same page!””

  • Mainly Montessori

    “This masterclass was wonderful! It beyond exceeded my expectations. I really appreciated hearing from three different perspectives and gained a whole new understanding with each speaker's presentation. There is so much applicable information and I am excited to try some new approaches to getting my husband to "fly united" with me.”