What's your child trying to tell you?


All behavior is a form of communication. But sometimes it seems like you and your child speak two different languages! 

Does your child:

  • crave constant attention?
  • have unpredictable outbursts?
  • hurt their siblings or parents?
  • shut down and refuse to engage?

If you answered YES to at least one of these, then I want you to read on!

Become a "Needs Detective"

You love your child and wish you could help them find joy.  It hurts your heart when they're mean or vengeful, and you feel lost when they shut down and won't engage.

I know how you feel because I was there, too.

Hi, I'm Pilar Bewley. For years I struggled to help angry or sullen children, including my own!

But then I found Positive Discipline and learned how to be a "needs detective," and I discovered that behind a child's most challenging behaviors are healthy unmet needs. 

And when I was able to meet that need with kindness AND boundaries, it eliminated the undesired behavior and transformed our relationship!

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Introducing the "Needs Detective" Mini-Course!

Translate behaviors into needs

Kids can be SO confusing! I'll show you how to translate your child's most challenging actions so you can identify their healthy unmet needs.

Use your feelings as a guide

Did you know that your emotions hold the key to decoding your child's behaviors? You have everything you need to fix your relationship!

Follow an easy step-by-step process

Download a detailed flowchart that will help you follow the "needs detective" process for common parenting & homeschooling challenges.

Learn a simple but powerful approach

You'll get concrete short-term and long-term tools, strategies, and phrasing so you can be the confident parent your child needs.

Quick Course, Powerful Results

This mini-course includes:

Checkmark (1) One video explaining where your child's behaviors are coming from

Checkmark (1) One video walking  you through the "Needs Detective" process

Checkmark (1) A detailed step-by-step flowchart to guide your progress

Checkmark (1) A feelings wheel to enhance your family's emotional vocabulary

The two videos can be downloaded as podcasts so you can listen on-the-go.  And the videos include speed-up features, as well as transcripts, so you can watch at your pace!

Note: In my work with families, some of the biggest behavior challenges revolve around school work.  So I've used this common scenario as a starting point in this course.  But...

Once you see how the "needs detective" process applies to this parenting challenge, you can use your new knowledge to address challenging behaviors in other areas of your life - sibling rivalries, co-parenting difficulties, screen-time disputes, and more!

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Get clarity so you can parent with empathy!

My two-part mini-course is valued at $117...  But it can be yours for a limited time for JUST $27! 

It's packed with "aha moments" and practical tools that you can apply right away!

Are you ready to transform your relationship and give your child tools for lifelong emotional success?

Here's what parents are saying about this course

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