Yes, lessons are important. And four-part cards are a good tool.

But if you want learning to stick, then you need a GREAT follow-up project!

I know what you're thinking:

"I barely have the time to prepare materials and give lessons.  Now you're telling me that I have to come up with projects, too?!"

The answer is NO! 

You don't have to come up with elaborate projects.  I'll do the work for you!

In my course, I use the four-part cards I just sent you to show your child (and you!) how to create FIVE different follow-up projects. Then, your child can use their new skills to research and follow up on ANY TOPIC they want!

I use the same strategies and language that have allowed my elementary students to become independent and resourceful learners. My videos are short and engaging, and you can pause them or speed them up so your child can work at their ideal pace!

I also include empowering videos for parents (find out more about those in my video below!).  And I've just launched a private Facebook group just for course participants, where I'll answer questions and give you encouragement, and where you'll be able to post pictures and videos of your child's finished projects!

This is a brand-new, one-of-a-kind course for parents AND children and it's only available for a limited time.


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Now, you're probably wondering...

What's a follow-up?

Why are they essential?

How does this course work?

You'll find answers in the short video below!

Effective follow-up activities...

Support Executive Function Skills

Your child will learn planning, organization, and follow-through!

Unleash Creativity

Your child will use their interests in art, building, or science to practice important skills!

Lead to Mastery

Your child will retain new knowledge and solidify skills through FUN hands-on activities!

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BONUS #1: Parent support videos

  • Discover useful strategies to engage your child and keep them on task.
  • Learn how to support your child's learning style.
  • Get tips to encourage independence.
  • Find out how to break down projects into manageable parts.

And much more!

BONUS #2: Private Facebook Group

Join a dedicated space where Kait will answer your questions!  In this private group, you can share your doubts, encourage other parents, and celebrate your successful follow-ups!

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Choose From Two Course Levels

Pick the price option that best fits your needs:

Full Course


Lifetime access!

FIVE step-by-step projects (covered in 24 short and engaging videos!)

BONUS #1: Parent training videos

BONUS #2: Private Facebook group

Limited Number!

Full Course + Consultation


Lifetime access!

FIVE step-by-step projects (covered in 24 short and engaging videos!)

BONUS #1: Parent videos

BONUS #2: Private Facebook group

EXCLUSIVE: One-hour private consultation with Kait DeGrazia!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course designed for?

This course is designed for homeschooling parents and their elementary aged children.

How is the course structured? How long are the videos?

There are two components to the course. One set of videos is for the parents and one set of videos is for the children/students. Most videos are under 10 minutes as we know time is valuable. The longest videos are 20 minutes long, with the shortest being a minute.

How does this course work?

You, the parent, will watch a set of short videos that helps you understand the value and structure of follow-up work.  Then your child will choose one project they want to execute, just like they would in a classroom.  I will guide them through each step of the process using the "Parts of the Bird" cards as a starting point. Your child will then be able to use their new project-making skills to explore any topic!

What benefits and results should I expect from this course?

With this course, you'll discover how to:

  • feel more confident guiding your child
  • choose language that supports their learning process
  • break down lessons into smaller steps

Your child will discover five different follow-up projects, which they can then apply to any concept they're learning.

What if I buy this course and decide it's not for me?

We're convinced about the benefits of this one-of-a-kind course, but we want you to judge for yourself.  That's why we offer a 120-day money back guarantee.  If you watch the videos and attempt the projects, and don't get great value from this course, then simply email us within 120 days of your purchase and we'll give you your money back!