Guiding You From Confusion to Confidence in Your Montessori Homeschool Journey



Embrace a Montessori Mindset

You want to give your child a quality Montessori elementary education at home…

But you’re not sure if you have what it takes to succeed.

You worry:

Copy of Copy of Untitled (3).png Will my child fall behind?

Copy of Copy of Untitled (3).png Can I afford all those fancy materials?

Copy of Copy of Untitled (3).png How will I learn to give all the lessons?

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I'm Pilar Bewley: AMI Montessori guide, Positive Discipline coach, and proud homeschooling mom. 

Many parents reach out to me with concerns similar to yours. But once they understand what Montessori is really about, they start loving their homeschool journey.

And with my support, you will love it too! 

Let's take the next step of your homeschooling journey together!

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Copy of Copy of Untitled (3).png Confidently give lessons following the powerful Montessori principles with just a few essential materials.

Copy of Copy of Untitled (3).png Spend less time planning and prepping, and more time doing the things you love.

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Inside our platform, we offer many opportunities to invest in your own growth and education - at a pace and price that work for you. (Click to learn more.)


Mainly Montessori
Junnifa Uzodike - Co-author of “The Montessori Baby”, school owner, and mom of four

“I appreciate how Pilar is always willing to make time and answer in detail, sharing personal experiences and being a sounding board.”

Co-author of “The Montessori Baby”, school owner, and mom of four

Mainly Montessori
Erica Martinez - Homeschool mom of two

“Pilar, you warmly embraced my worry, as a mother and a homeschooler yourself, and set me on a path to discover how my children could thrive utilizing Montessori principles in a homeschool environment.”

Homeschool mom of two

Mainly Montessori
Deborah Stone - Homeschool mom of three

“I’ve been so blessed by your videos in the Hub! I’m so thankful that you’re presenting parents with an alternative to the Instagram homeschool set-up.”

Homeschool mom of three


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