Move from Confusion to Confidence in Your Homeschool Journey 

Mainly Montessori

“I appreciate how Pilar is always willing to make time and answer in detail, sharing personal experiences and being a sounding board.”

School owner and mom of three

Mainly Montessori

“Pilar warmly embraced my worry, as a mother and a homeschooler herself, and set me on a path to discover how my children could thrive utilizing Montessori principles in a homeschool environment.”

Homeschool mom of two

Mainly Montessori

“Pilar showed me how to create an atmosphere of curiosity and enthusiasm in our homeschool journey.”

Homeschool mom

Montessori Guidance...Exclusively for Homeschoolers

You and your child deserve a homeschool experience that honors your unique abilities, and you've done enough research to know that Montessori feels right for you.

But you're feeling a little lost and overwhelmed learning about materials, albums, and lesson sequences - while also trying to keep your child focused and engaged!

You've posted questions on social media, but the answers seem like tiny pieces of a big and confusing puzzle. And everyone seems to be doing more than you: more materials, more lessons, more extensions!

Here's why "more" isn't the answer:

You can invest thousands of dollars on Montessori materials, and spend hundreds of hours reading through albums and Facebook posts. But none of that will make a difference until you understand and learn to apply the Montessori principles. 

I combine over a decade of Montessori classroom experience with my own journey as a homeschooling parent to help you embrace the specific Montessori principles that allow homeschoolers to thrive.  With my guidance, you can finally: 

Find joy and ease in homeschooling and raising your child - with their unique gifts and quirks.

Maintain a healthy and secure parent-child bond.

Guide your child towards joy and success in their own life.

If you're ready to move from confusion to confidence in your homeschool journey, then I invite you to enroll in my membership community, The Montessori Homeschool Hub. 


“It is not enough for the teacher to love the child. She must first love and understand the universe. She must prepare herself, and truly work at it.”
- Maria Montessori


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A membership community designed exclusively for Montessori homeschoolers! Go beyond social media to discover the principles and practices that will help you and your child thrive. 

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I can help you make sense of the Montessori principles with developmentally-aligned solutions that meet your family's unique needs.

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A window into our own homeschooling journey... Keeping it real while raising two independent and curious Montessori kids.