Maybe you're excited about homeschooling, or perhaps you're terrified at the thought of being your child's teacher.

Either way, you know one thing for sure:

You need support.

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Hi, I'm Pilar Bewley, founder of Mainly Montessori and The Montessori Homeschool Hub.

As a former AMI Montessori guide, it was my responsibility to support children's development.  But when I became a homeschooling mom, I realized that parents need support too!

I work with a growing number of dedicated families who are bravely making homeschooling their new reality.

They've been asking for a homeschool-friendly alternative to overwhelming Montessori albums and over-priced curriculums. 

And that's why I created

The Montessori Lesson Sequence Timeline

This innovative online resource gives you the entire continuum of Montessori lessons from Kindergarten through sixth grade! It also lets you see a year-by-year breakdown of topics based on average age/ability (plus, it's aligned with U.S. academic standards).

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Everything You Need to Succeed in Homeschooling

Copy of Copy of Untitled (3).png LIFETIME ACCESS to the live timeline, with links to all the downloadable lessons - that's SEVEN YEARS of authentic Montessori lessons and extensions (adapted for homeschooling)!!

Copy of Copy of Untitled (3).png Links to free and low-cost materials, plus lots of DIY options 

Copy of Copy of Untitled (3).png A printable version of the timeline

Copy of Copy of Untitled (3).png A weekly Q&A mentorship video*

Copy of Copy of Untitled (3).png A Montessori FAQ vault with answers to your most pressing homeschooling questions!*

NEW! Videos for presenting the key Montessori lessons*

*Exclusively for members of the Montessori Homeschool Hub


Get a Sneak Peek at the Lessons and Resource Guides!



Homeschooling Parents LOVE the Timeline!

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Payment Options

The Lesson Sequence Timeline can be yours for six monthly installments of $69! 

Or choose a one-time payment and SAVE $65!

You get LIFETIME ACCESS to seven years of authentic Montessori curriculum!


6 Installments of just $69 One-time investment of $349

Beta Format? What's That?!

The school year is flying by and... 

I know you don't want to waste a single minute!

The Timeline is still a work in progress, but the beta version allows you to get your hands on the timeline right away, while I put the finishing touches on it.*

I'll be making daily improvements and additions to the timeline, including more pictures, links to resources, and how-to VIDEOS! 

*You will NEVER be charged for updates or improvements...I promise!

I'm ready!