Maybe you're excited about homeschooling, or perhaps you're terrified at the thought of being your child's teacher.

Either way, you know one thing for sure:

You need support.

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Hi, I'm Pilar Bewley, founder of Mainly Montessori and The Montessori Homeschool Hub.

As a former AMI Montessori guide, it was my responsibility to support children's development.  But when I became a homeschooling mom, I realized that parents need support too!

I work with a growing number of dedicated families who are bravely making homeschooling their new reality.

They've been asking for a homeschool-friendly alternative to overwhelming Montessori albums and over-priced curriculums. 

And that's why I created

The Montessori Lesson Sequence Timeline

This innovative online resource gives you the entire continuum of AMI Montessori lessons from Kindergarten through sixth grade! It also lets you see a year-by-year breakdown of topics based on average age/ability (plus, it's aligned with U.S. academic standards).

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Everything You Need to Succeed in Homeschooling

Copy of Copy of Untitled (3).png Online access to the live timeline, with links to all the downloadable lessons - that's SEVEN YEARS of AMI Montessori lessons and extensions!!

Copy of Copy of Untitled (3).png Links to free and low-cost materials, plus lots of DIY options 

Copy of Copy of Untitled (3).png A printable version of the timeline

Copy of Copy of Untitled (3).png A weekly lesson-planning Q&A video*

NEW! Videos for presenting the key Montessori lessons*

*Exclusively for members of the Montessori Homeschool Hub


Get a Sneak Peek at the Lessons and Resource Guides!



Homeschooling Parents LOVE the Timeline!

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Payment Options

The Lesson Sequence Timeline can be yours for just 
$349 or four monthly payments of $89!  You get SEVEN YEARS of authentic Montessori curriculum!

EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Join the Montessori Homeschool Hub membership community for just $9 for your first month (full details at the bottom of this page).


Full Pay of $349 4 Payments of $89

Beta Format? What's That?!

The start of the school year is right around the corner, and... 

I know you want to start planning NOW!

The beta version allows you to get your hands on the timeline right away, even though it's still a work in progress.*

I'll be making daily improvements and additions to the timeline, including more pictures, links to resources, and how-to VIDEOS! 

*You will NEVER be charged for updates or improvements...I promise!



From now until September 30th, when you purchase the Lesson Sequence Timeline, I'm inviting you to join...



Hub members receive:

Copy of Copy of Untitled (3).png weekly video lessons for parents, demystifying Montessori theory and offering practical homeschooling advice,

Copy of Copy of Untitled (3).png checklists, journal prompts, and other resources to deepen your learning,

Copy of Copy of Untitled (3).png a Q&A section to get answers to your most pressing homeschooling questions,

Copy of Copy of Untitled (3).png admission to a private members-only Facebook group where you can ask questions and share resources,

Copy of Copy of Untitled (3).png early access to discounted mini-courses and resources to deepen your knowledge of specific subjects (e.g. storytelling tools, respectful parenting strategies, etc.)

Plus, when you join the Hub as a Timeline owner, you'll ALSO get:

Copy of Copy of Untitled (3).png a weekly lesson-planning Q&A video (exclusively for timeline owners)

Copy of Copy of Untitled (3).png how-to videos for presenting the key Montessori lessons (exclusively for timeline owners)

*$9 applies to the first month of membership. At the end of the first month, your membership will automatically renew at the standard rate of $35 monthly until you cancel. 

I'm ready!