Maybe you're excited about homeschooling, or perhaps you're terrified at the thought of being your child's teacher.

Either way, you know one thing for sure:

You need support.

I'm here to tell you that you don't have to homeschool alone. I know how overwhelmed you're feeling, and I want you to know that homeschooling doesn't have to be stressful...Heck, it can even be fun!

You're a fan of Montessori education, and who can blame you? I think we can all agree that it's amazing!


It's one thing to send your kids to a Montessori school and play a supportive role at home... 

But being in charge of your child's Montessori education takes guts!

I admire your courage and determination.  And I know that with the right guidance and support, you and your child can have an incredible year of connection, discovery, and growth at home.

Believe it or not, you have everything you need to be your child's guide.

What you need is someone to be YOUR GUIDE.

And that's where I come in.

Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 3.59.23 PM.png

Hi, I'm Pilar Bewley, founder of Mainly Montessori and The Montessori Homeschool Hub.

As a former AMI Montessori guide, it was my responsibility to support children's development.  But when I became a homeschooling mom, I realized that parents need support too!

I work with a growing number of dedicated families who are bravely making homeschooling their new reality. 

They've been asking for a

homeschool-friendly alternative to overwhelming Montessori albums and over-priced curriculums. 

And that's why I created the

Montessori Lesson Sequence Timeline

which gives you

the entire continuum of AMI Montessori lessons

from Kindergarten through sixth grade


a year-by-year breakdown of topics

 based on average age/ability and aligned with U.S. academic standards.

Click below to get a sneak peek at the timeline and discover

an incredible bonus!