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Behavior Detective


Checkmark (1) Reduce undesirable behaviors: tantrums, negotiations, sibling aggression, and shut-downs.

Checkmark (1) Understand what your child's behaviors are telling you.

Checkmark (1) Reconnect with your child and rewire their brain through the power of Positive Discipline tools.

Checkmark (1) BONUS: Download the exclusive "Mistaken Goals and Solutions" flowchart!

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Follow-Ups Made Easy

Self-Paced Course

Checkmark (1) Discover FIVE different types of follow-up projects your child can do after any lesson!

Checkmark (1) Use our step-by-step guidance to support your child's creativity, independence, and executive functioning skills.

Checkmark (1) Get support and learn insider tips from a veteran Montessori guide!

Checkmark (1) BONUS: Download a beautiful "Parts of the Bird" four-part card set!

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Montessori Homeschool 101

Recorded Workshop

Checkmark (1)  Set up an affordable & inspiring Montessori home learning space.

Checkmark (1) Structure your days for maximum learning with minimum effort.

Checkmark (1) Support different ages, personalities, and interests.

Checkmark (1) BONUSES: Printable workbook, "Essential Materials" guide, and "Bilingual Resources" handout!

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Family-Centered Homeschooling

Recorded Workshop

Checkmark (1) Embrace toddler messes as learning opportunities.

Checkmark (1) Encourage independence and teamwork in your older children.

Checkmark (1) Regroup and prioritize when everything falls apart.

Checkmark (1) BONUS: Download the "Montessori Planes and Principles" learning guide!

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Flying United:

Harmonizing Marriage & Homeschool

Recorded Workshop

Checkmark (1)  Connect with your partner/spouse by exploring shared parenting concerns and goals.

Checkmark (1) Get practical tools to tame your triggers so you can unlock empathy and communication.

Checkmark (1) Turn your partner into your homeschooling ally.

Checkmark (1) BONUSES: "Emotions Assessment" worksheet and book suggestions.

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