Messed-Up World

Why is it that doctors warn you about the dangers of having a vaginal birth after a C-section, but never explain the risks of repeat C-sections?

Why is it that you're forced to sign a waiver warning you of the dangers of NOT vaccinating, but are never told about the dangers of vaccinating?

Why is it that parents worry about letting their kids out of their sight, but don't think about the damage they're causing by being helicopter parents?

Why is it that parents and doctors freak out about feeding babies organic vegetables, and yet they happily pump them full of chemicals, sugar, and reconstituted hormone- and antibiotic-filled cow's milk (aka, formula)?

We live in a messed-up world where fear has overtaken common sense, and critical thinking skills have gone out the window.  The blind are leading the blind.  Are you going to follow?

"These people who are victims of suggestion prepare their consciousness for such an adaptation... [In these people] there exists henceforth only what has been established by suggestion.  This state of affairs is perpetrated from generation to generation... What is believed to be good is in reality disguised evil." - Maria Montessori, The Formation of Man


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