The Items In Our Basket Go Round and Round

Zach just turned 7 months and he's on the move!  I'm intrigued by how much effort he puts into his movements and can only imagine how difficult it must be to drag yourself around a room when your arms won't hold you up reliably, your legs tuck under you but then splay right out again, and your head weighs the same as the rest of your body.  Regardless, our little boy continues to grunt and inch his way towards whatever catches his attention.

To support this developmental phase, I've placed in his Basket of Known Objects several items that roll.  He has a pinecone, a bottle, a rock and a napkin ring.  His other favorite "toy" right now is a beer cozy.  Not very Montessori, granted, but it rolls, it's chewy, and it's easy to grasp.  I also made him a little cloth ball with fabric remnants I had around; it has a little bell inside and rolls slowly.

This is what I love about Montessori - it's so intuitive.  Observe your child, see what he needs developmentally, and modify the environment accordingly.  Then get out of the way and let nature do her work.  You know your child better than anyone else, and you don't need an expert to tell you how to stimulate your child.  As a good friend once told me: "The best parenting book is taking the time to get to know your child."


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Great article once again. So many ideas I can't wait to use.
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