Say It and Mean It

Do you know someone who makes promises (be they good or bad) and never delivers?  How do you feel about that person?  When we use empty promises or threats to get our children to comply, in their eyes we become that person. 

Sure, manipulation works really well.  But only for a while.  And it comes at a terrible cost: your child's willingness to trust and believe you.

What would happen if we were forced to follow through on every single promise and threat we made to our children?  We'd pay a lot more attention to our words. 

As the mother of a 16-month old, I know how tempting and easy it is to manipulate a child.  But I also know how destructive it can be.  That's why I challenge myself every day to "say what I mean and mean what I say."

Here's a one-day challenge: Don't change your strategies, just listen to your words and look at your actions.  And let me know what you discover.


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