Floor Bed Round-Up

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="487"]Image Zachary on his floor bed at 5 months of age.

I've been getting a few questions about floor beds, so I thought I'd do a quick round-up of what I've written so far and share my experiences... Hope someone finds it helpful!

Floor bed and infant development:


With a floor bed, the child calls (some of) the shots:


Quick overview of sleep arrangements from infancy through toddlerhood:


Transitioning your infant from your room to their own (and from bassinet to floor bed):


Modifications for a toddler who loves to roll:


If baby rolls off the floor bed:






Wonderful summary of floor bed questions. We personally never used a floor bed as we did not implement Montessori until Joshua was 6 months old. We had a usual cot however we removed the side of it so it effectively became a very low toddler bed and also got Joshua used to the idea of being in a bed that you get into which is what he would have to get used to anyway. If we had another child I would probably go similar to what we did or a floor bed. Great summary post!
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Me Do It – Independence and beds | Montessori Life As We Know It

[…] are many reasons that floor beds are preferable to cots. A wonderful summary is in this post by The Full Montessori. The three essential pillars of Montessori Philosophy are independence, […]
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