Who's the Second Plane child?

A transformation takes place around the age of six. 

"What happened to my sweet, lovable, and dependable little five-year-old," parents often ask me.

The transition from the first plane of development (the stage between birth and age six) to the second plane (the stage between ages six and 12) can be a challenging one if we don't take the time to understand who our children are and what they need from us and the world.

Over the summer, I put together a short video to help adults begin to understand the second plane child.  This is only an introduction, but I hope it can shed light on the reasons for those confusing behaviors that we encounter during the transition to the second plane.

If you want to dive deeper after watching this video, I encourage you to visit www.mainlymontessori.com to explore all the resources I have available for you!

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Jean Bishop

Very nicely expressed and explained. One question asked of me by parents is how they should react/ respond when a child shows opposition or disrespect?

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